Opportunities for Army Families

Have you considered Volunteering?  Home-Start need you!

Train to be a Home-Start Medway volunteer and you can always take your new skills with you if you relocate?


Becoming a Home-Start Volunteer is a rewarding role, offering transferable skills which are especially useful for partners of military personnel.

Volunteering for Home-Start involves, working with families that have at least one child under the age of five. As a volunteer you will provide support for many reasons including; loneliness and isolation, relationship problems, coping with multiple births, anxiety caused by stability issues, illness, disability or special needs. First time parenting, post-natal depression and parenting issues are all issues that parents might require support with.

Volunteering will provide you with a new set of skills to support families to cope with the pressures of everyday life. You might be supporting fellow military families or civilians and you will help them to face the problems that they face every day, helping them to make a real difference for their children. Being a volunteer is a rewarding role, sharing your parenting experience and your understanding of the complexities of military life.


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