Pop ‘n’ Play is here to stay!

The Henry Smith Charity has awarded a grant to support Pop ‘n’ Play

Pop’n’ Play is in a fantastic position thanks to The Henry Smith Charity who have agreed to fund the running of the group for the Next 3 years. This is fantastic news for the families and children who benefit weekly from the group.

We know that isolation is not just in term time and that families can feel the stress of school holidays, so we are now in the process of looking to extend the hours and move away from Term Time only, so watch this space!!

More good news! The Coop Local Community Fund has selected us to be a Local Cause to raise funds for Pop ‘n’ Play

We are hoping that with this additional support we can look at soft play equipment or new toys to provide safe fun activities for the group.




Kent carer writes hit kids book

Friday, 24 February 2017


Kent carer writes hit kids book as thank you


A carer from Kent is repaying the charity that helped him land a university place by penning a fundraising children’s story.

Sales of Martin Broom’s Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse will benefit family support charity Home-Start Medway.

The 50-year-old from Gillingham was a volunteer with Home-Start Medway before embarking on his Master’s degree in Advanced Child Protection.

Martin said: “Home-Start Medway staff wrote the kindest reference for my university interview, subsequently I got on to my chosen Master’s degree course.

“To say thank you to the staff I wrote Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse to promote the fantastic work Home-Start Medway do for families with children under five years of age.”

Home-Start is one of the leading family support charities in the UK.

Through the charity around 16,000 volunteers support 30,000 families and 60,000 children to help transform their lives.

Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse tells the magical story of a small Irish mouse from Ireland who is forced to leave home.

Since its release it has reached number three in Amazon’s animal book charts.

Martin said: “Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse is about a small mouse who, through heartache, must leave his home.

“Along the way he makes several friends, gets married and finds the courage to see things through.

“Shamus Reilly is a small mouse, smaller than most, but his heart is big and kind.

“Maria, his wife, was the only daughter of a restaurant owner.

“Together they enjoy some fantastic adventures.”

Martin’s inspiration for Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse came from discovering mice in his house.

The success of the book has led the father of three writing a sequel.

He added: “People who have read Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse, even the children, have been very positive with their feedback.

“I am currently three-quarters the way through the second book.

“It hopefully will not take too much longer, then it is a matter of doing the new illustrations.”

Martin is donating £1 from the sale of every copy of Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse to Home-Start Medway

For more information go to Amazon and search for Martin Broom, where the Kindle and paperback versions of Shamus Reilly, Little Mouse are available.


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