“Simply invaluable. Allows us to access things we would never have done. Some adult company; has perhaps stopped me being grumpy.”

“You guys have been really brilliant and supportive.”

“Home-Start Medway has really helped us as a family to overcome hard times. Now I am back on my feet to do better for my family.”

“Volunteer has been amazing.”

“I now feel more confident in asking for help if needed, and I now know there is no need to be ashamed in asking.”

“Support has helped me through a difficult 6 months and helped me to keep my sanity.”

“Absolutely brilliant, would highly recommend. Someone to talk to, very supportive and non-judgmental.”

“A difficult family time and Home-Start Medway gave me help and confidence, which I now have as a result of their support. Achieved by continuous visits – needed to get me back on track. I’d recommend Home-Start Medway to any struggling families, ask for help don’t cope alone.”

“We get on well, she plays with the children. I am able to get on with things, I use her as a sounding board. The support has been fantastic.”

“I feel more confident going out. Now happy to take kids out on my own. Home-Start Medway has shown the kids that they can trust people and that people will persevere with tough times and still support us.”

“Nice to know there are people out there to help parents who are on their own.”

“Above and beyond what was expected. Happy in every way with volunteer – she is an angel. She is fabulous and is exceptional for my daughter. Support has improved my confidence to go out and given me better motivation – I now talk to mums at the Children Centre.”

“Good support, time to have a shower and a chat. Gave me time for myself to re-charge, as it is hard being a one parent family.”

“Feel volunteer was very well trained because she was non-judgmental. Amazing support.”

“My volunteer has been a lifesaver; she picked me up, dusted me off and made me laugh.”

“Felt like I was in a spiral going down, but volunteer has allowed me to see that I am doing a good job, she has pulled me up.”

“Volunteer has given me time and was an extra pair of hands. She was someone to talk to, which improved my emotional wellbeing. I feel like Home-Start Medway was a savior and they are definitely needed in the community.”


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